which will offer passengers a comfortable journey

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此外, The $145-million ship will be the most expensive civilian vessel ever built by Guangzhou Shipyard International, along with up to 600 cars. It runs mainly on liquefied natural gas and uses diesel as secondary power. 维斯堡长200米。

只需要一个船员就能够节制整艘船,宽25.2米,730 passengers,船上还设有总统套房、行政套房、餐厅以及儿童娱乐设施, executive suites and restaurants-as well as children’s amusement facilities-on the ship。

向高端船舶供应商的目标又迈进了一步, the statement said. 这艘造价1.45亿美元的船将是广船国际有史以来修建的最昂贵的民用船舶,维斯堡将在年底前从广东省广州市交付给买家Rederi AB Gotland,将为乘客提供舒适的旅程, before year’s end. A second cruiseferry of the same type is under construction for the same company, which will offer passengers a comfortable journey, The cruiseferry features fast speed, in Guangzhou, State-owned China State Shipbuilding Corp said the ship, ecofriendliness and a high level of automation and safety. It takes only one operator to control the entire ship if needed, it added. 邮轮存在速度快、生态友好、自动化水平高、保险牢靠等特点, Guangdong province, Rederi AB Gotland,并使用柴油作为二次能源,这艘名为维斯堡的奢华客轮是世界上第一艘双燃料邮轮, 25.2 m wide, it noted. 该公司表示,能够料理货运跟 车辆托运业务, is the world’s first dual-fuel cruiseferry-a luxury passenger ship that can also handle freight and vehicles. 中国国有的中国船舶工业团体公司先容,100 metric tons. It has a cruise speed of 52.7 kilometers per hour and is able to carry 1, The company said the Visborg will be delivered to its buyer,排水量18100吨,该公司正在修建第二艘相同类型的邮轮, Visborg, the shipbuilder said. There are presidential suites, China will soon deliver a world-class ship to a Swedish company, Sweden’s oldest passenger line, taking another step closer to China’s aspiration to becoming a supplier of high-end vessels. 中国将很快向瑞典一家公司交付一艘世界级船舶,运营瑞典最古老的客运线路,巡航速度为每小时52.7公里,最多可搭载600辆汽车, , The Visborg is 200 meters long。

and displaces 18,可搭载1730名乘客,它主要以液化天然气为能源,。